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Eaton 9SX UPS 6 kVA / 5.4 kW Online Rack/Tower UPS - 9SX6KiRT
The Eaton 9SX (9SX6KiRT) 6kVA 5.4kW Single Phase Online UPS - from UPS Place - offers high availabil..
Ex Tax: $5,280.00
Eaton E Series DX EDX2000HA 2000VA / 1400W Online UPS
Introducing the E Series DX UPS from UPS Place The E Series¶© DX UPS double-conversion UPS af..
Ex Tax: $1,444.30
Eaton E Series Enclosure 42U, 600mm Wide, 1000mm Deep, Castors, Assembled
Eatonƒ??s E Series Enclosures/Network Cabinets from UPS Place offer a rugged, durable platform wit..
Ex Tax: $2,041.60
Eaton Ellipse ECO 800VA / 500W Standby UPS - EL800USBIECAU
The Eaton Ellipse ECO is a slim-line power protection with built-in high performance surge-protectio..
Ex Tax: $207.00
Eaton Ellipse Max 850VA / 550W Line Interactive UPS | Mac Compatible
Line Interactive technology: Ellipse MAX provides effective protection, even in disturbed electric..
Ex Tax: $270.27
Eaton EPBZ03 ePDU Basic, 0U, 16A C20 Input, 16 x C13 Outlets
The Eaton Basic ePBZ03 ePDU designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution, Eaton ..
Ex Tax: $227.70
Eaton ePDU, In-Line Monitored, 2 x 16A IEC309 Input, 2 x 16A IEC309 Output
The Eaton PW107MI0UB81 In-line Monitored ePDU from UPS Place is designed for new Data Centre or fo..
Ex Tax: $517.00
Eaton EX M68184 1500VA / 1350W 2U Rack/Tower UPS
The Eaton EX from UPS Place, part of the Pulsar Series, offers high availability, flexibility and ..
Ex Tax: $1,361.80
Eaton HotSwap Maintenance Bypass, 16A, IEC outlets - M68433
The Eaton HotSwap MBP series is made of versatile, flexible 2U PDUs designed to add high availabil..
Ex Tax: $308.00
Eaton Marine UPS EX 2200 Rack/Tower 3U M68449
Note, the Marine Filter (Part No: M66886) is required for the DNV and ABS compliance Availabilit..
Ex Tax: $2,750.00
The E Series¶© NV line interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) provides affordable power pr..
Ex Tax: $112.97
Eaton POD+  Surge Protector / Series Power Filter & Shunt Surge Diverter
The Eaton POD Powerboard surge protector from UPS Place protects your precious Computer System, Home..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Eaton Power Equaliser Module Three-phase Input to Single-phase Outputs (1 x IEC C13 Plate, 1 x IEC C19 Plate)
Buy Eaton¶© Rack Power Module (RPM-3U/3Ui) three-phase Hrdwired input and 1 x IEC C13 Plate, 1 x I..
Ex Tax: $2,990.00
Eaton Powerware 12V 80Ah 12Year AGM SLA Battery
UPS Place presents: Powerware Valve Regulated 12V 80Ah Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery PWTC12F80F..
Ex Tax: $420.20
Eaton Powerware 5110 700VA / 420W Line Interactive UPS - 51100700A
The Eaton Powerware 5110 700VA / 420W is now obsolete. The current equivalent replacement model is E..
Ex Tax: $0.00