Eaton Powerware 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER Replacement Battery 12V 9AH

Eaton Powerware 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER Replacement Battery 12V 9AH

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Product Code: 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER
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UPS replacement batteries

Understanding your UPS battery can extend its life, prevent costly downtime, and save you time and money. It’s well understood that the battery in a UPS is the most vulnerable part of the system. In fact, failure of this element in a system is a leading cause of load loss. Knowing how to maintain and manage your UPS batteries will extend their life and save you time and potential trouble in the future.

Improvements in battery technology have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The risks inherent in depending on any battery have been reduced, rather than eliminated, by capabilities such as advanced charging regimens, software management for accurate remaining life information, and firmware adding intelligence to UPS batteries.

It’s therefore prudent, if not essential, to take a close look at what may be increasing your risk of unexpected load loss from a failing battery and invest in UPS replacement batteries. After all, even large installations with many batteries are vulnerable to the failure of a single one.

Eaton Powerware Replacement Lead Acid Battery 12V 9AH

The Eaton 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER (ex PowerWare 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER) replacement battery has high performance, high discharge design, wide operating temperature range, and long expected service life. The replacement battery meets or exceeds the original manufacturer specifications and ensures your satisfaction regarding quality, durability, and performance.

You have to install the new Eaton 52UPS12V34WFR replacement battery in the UPS unit in the same original configuration and reuse the existing cables and hardware. Please check your existing battery for dimensions prior to ordering as manufacturers may change requirements without notice.


IMPORTANT: May require use of your existing hardware and cables to connect replacement batteries.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify the batteries being ordered match the batteries in your unit prior to placing your order. We are not responsible for incorrect orders.

Eaton UPS compatability



Part Number 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER
Weight (kg) 2.50kg

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Eaton Powerware 52UPS12V34W4FR-SER Replacement Battery 12V 9AH
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